Lavenders Contracting – Taking Care of the Mess

Lavenders Contracting – Taking Care of the Mess

Lavenders Contracting has a rich history when it comes to serving the city of Edmonton, Alberta. The city being one of the most populous cities in Canada often comes up with problems that only Lavenders Contracting are fit to address. Our homes carry paramount importance and are the reason why we should always take necessary steps to make sure that damage remains at bay. Lavenders Contracting understands the importance of maintaining just not your house but even your neighborhood. For this purpose we offer diverse services in the areas of sewer line maintenance and sewage services.

Think about it, which part of a house is the most used? It is definitely sewer lines because they are always in action which is to remove water and waste materials. Also, if one is careful there are plenty of signs that a house owner can observe which shows that a sewage line is at risk. Before we can move towards the excellent services we provide. We would like to highlight the fact that sewage services are a must if you observe some of the following signs:

Sewage Blockage:

The most common sign is a sewage blockage. If any part of your house where water pipes are in use gets blocked and water starts forming a backup then it probably means you have a case of bad sewage system. Such a sewage backup is typically caused by a blockage in one of your sewer lines. If sanitary sewer backups can be observed in all rooms of your house then it probably means your main sewage line is affected. In such a case, a sewer line maintenance service would be required.


One of the most common causes is that one can smell sewer odor in and around their house. This can indicate the fact that your sewer line has an opening or a crack. Call a sewer contractor to get this problem fixed.

Mold Formation:

Mold formation is a common occurrence in houses. However, it is a possibility that mold formation is due a leaked sewer line or even a broken one. A broken sewer line means that water will start getting built up on the roof or a wall. This happens due to the drastic increase in humidity.


If you find rodents roaming around your house, then make sure to call a sewer line maintenance service provider. Believe it or not, rodent formation is one of the major symptoms that somewhere in your house a sewage line has been effected. In such cases, it can probably imply that a sewage line is broken and needs a fix.

Slowing down of Drain:

Perhaps the earliest sign of a broken sewage line is the fact if you observe the slowing down of drain. This means that your sewer line is beginning to get blocked. This can happen due to a variety of reasons. The most common being the formation of debris.

Now, that you know some of the symptoms of a broken sewage line. We would like to put emphasis towards whether you have observed these symptoms or not. If you have observed these symptoms then chances are you will need to avail the services of a sewer contractor:

This is where we come into play. With years of experience and a dedication to make a difference. Lavenders Contracting can take care of the mess in the most efficient manner. Here are some of the services we provide:

Trenchless Drilling:

It might be surprising to hear for a layman that finding a burst sewer line is actually not as simple as it sounds. Especially in houses that are old, finding a burst point for a sewer line is almost impossible. There are two ways through which one can address this problem. One can either replace the entire sewage line system which is costly. On the other hand, we at Lavenders Contracting offer trenchless drilling. Trenchless drilling is basically a cost effective method which even improves the entire sewage services experience.

Sewer & Water Line Replacement:

Along with trenchless drilling, Lavenders Contracting also offer a complete or partial replacement of sewer and water line replacement. Lavenders Contracting has specialized equipment that serve the purpose of saving you cost and money in terms of locating where the sewer blockage is present. Using specialized equipment we follow your current pipelines and reach the correct grade. SImilarly, whether we use trenchless draining or a conventional method to locate a broken pipe. We use an ABS pipe so that a proper fix can be made. In short, Lavenders Contracting provide a culmination of high end equipment as well as excellent expertise.

Inspection Services:

As a thumb rule, we always advise our customers to get their sewer lines inspected on a timely basis. This in turn saves them a lot in the long run as sewer repair can generally cost much more than a timely inspection. A sewer contractor is a person whose job is not just limited to fixing or repairing sewer lines. It rather is to provide inspection services so that a problem can be detected and dealt with as early as possible. Lavenders Contracting is a respected sewer line maintenance service provider and hence provides you inspection services with high end camera video visuals.

Our Workmanship:

Some things can never change. This includes our excellent workmanship that has been developed over the past 45 years. We believe in ethics, professionalism and trust. Which we will develop once a relationship is begin. Sewage services is an area where we have developed a name and we will go down in the books!

Sewer line maintenance is of utmost importance in the long run. Before tragedy strikes and drowns your entire wallet. It is important that you actually call a sewer contractor to maybe inspect or get a blockage fixed so that additional costs can be avoided. With high end techniques such as trenchless drilling to exceptional sewage services of all kinds. We cater to a wide range of audiences especially family homes that trust us.